Can a credit Bureau sue me for unpaid medical bills?

andrea c asked:

Basically I went to the ER without any medical coverage because my work had changed it and i didn’t know when they did. Then I got bills for 80, then 90 then 790.00!!! I dont know how to pay that off except in monthly payments. SMALL monthly payments. I was talking to a guy that was collecting the debt and he said that they were ready to SUE me if i didn’t make a payment of at leaset 334.00 in three months!!! I asked him if there is any other way that I can pay smaller amounts like 50.00 because I cant afford it and he said no. If I don’t pay the 334.00 then they will sue me. I had the payments set up then I talked to the settle company that I already reported this to back in february and they said they sent a letter to them that basically tells them they cannot contact me and what not. But the credit bureau said they are not willing to work with them. Will I get sued for this if theres nothing that can be worked out for a smaller price?
One more thing, I signed up with a settlement company back in February of this year. The company sent out a letter of cease and desist so that they wouldnt contact me anymore and my paralegal said that they’ll do their best to make an offer to them, although the guy from the California Service Bureau said that he was not going to take any offers from them because they don’t work with them. Like i said before i already tried working out a deal with them but the guy from the Service Bureau said they can only offer me 334.00 a month which is outrageous.
And I don’t think the hospitals will work with me on this anymore being that its been almost a year now since i went to the ER and they made the California Service Bureau handle this.



  1. thisispradeep says:


    as far as i know, medical bills cannot directly hamper ur credit profile.

  2. redrobot says:


    your hospital should have offered you some kind of payment plan if you can’t afford to pay your bill. that sounds so ridiculous to me, especially since you are actually trying to pay what you can! Let them take you to court and try to sue you. I think the judge will be in your favor if you have proof that you are trying to pay something each month. Doctors get paid too much anyway.

  3. Ginger R says:


    Have you tried contacting the hospital and working out a payment plan. Most hospitals will work with you.

    I’m not sure what happens after they have turned it over to a collections agency? But it wouldn’t hurt to contact the hospital anyway.

    Thats what you should have done in the first place.

    An unpaid medical bill will not go on your credit report unless the hospital or doctor to whom you owe the debt subscribes to at least one of the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax or Trans Union) or the debt is turned over to a collection agency, which will definitely report it to one or more of the three credit bureaus.

    If you have debts in collection, your first move should be to request that the collectors only contact you by mail (instead of phone). By law, they must comply with this request.. Then work with the original creditor or the collections agency to negotiate a settlement.

  4. lnbjameson says:


    Credit bureaus don’t sue. You must be talking about a collection agency. Under the law, they cannot threaten to sue you unless they have plans in place to actually file suit.

    Those law suits threats are one of the major complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission.

    Can the collection agency sue you? Yes. Do they have to abide by any settlement agreements you previously established? No.

    Your best bet is to contact the hospital and try to work something out with them…and then perform any such agreement to the letter.

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